How much does it cost to run a portable air conditioner?

How much does it cost to run a portable air conditioner?Air conditioners need more electricity to run than just about any other appliance in your household. This is doubly true since most units run continuously for several hours at a time, while other power hogs like electric ovens or dryers get used for only a … Read more

How to clean your tent air conditioner

How to clean your tent air conditionerAdding a tent air conditioner to your camping setup can be a gamechanger, especially if you’re regularly setting up in hot or humid environments. They’re bulky, require a power source (although it won’t break the bank to run one), and need some extra maintenance, but you’ll thank yourself for … Read more

How many BTU should a camping air conditioner be?

How many BTU should a camping air conditioner be?Using a camping air conditioner can vastly improve your camping experience by allowing for a more comfortable night’s sleep. However, tent air conditioners come in a variety of styles and styles. To know how much cooling capacity you need, there are a few questions you’ll need to … Read more

The Best Tent Air Conditioners (UPDATED 2020)

Best tent air conditioners

Best Tent Air Conditioners Few experiences compare to the joy of camping: a full day of enjoying the wilderness followed by delicious food and great stories around the fire. Then when the sun dips below the horizon, you get to retire to the tent and let the wonderful sounds of nature lull you into sweet … Read more

Best Hammock Underquilt

Best hammock underquilt

Best Hammock Underquilt Hammocks were once a luxury item on camping trips, somewhere you could do a little midday lounging with a good book while someone else prepared lunch. Not anymore though; now those loungers are giving tents a run for their money as the preferred sleeping area. Not only are hammocks super comfortable, but they’re … Read more

How to choose hiking boots

How to choose hiking boots

Contents How to choose hiking bootsAnatomy of a hiking bootThe uppersThe outsoleWinter compatibleDifferent types of hikes and the boots for themDay hikesOvernightersMulti-day backpacking tripsScramblingBuying a pair of hiking bootsTry them on at the end of the dayWear the right socksLace up correctlyWander aroundGet insolesTips for maintaining your hiking bootsBreak them inKeep them cleanWaterproof themFind the … Read more

Best walking shoes for men

Best walking shoes for men

Best walking shoes for men What’s the number one factor in having a good backpacking trip? Great scenery, good company, perfectly roasted marshmallows for your s’mores? No, no, and… well, that one’s a real contender, but the most critical factor is one that’s often overlooked: happy feet. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the landscapes are … Read more

Best hiking pants

Hiking is one of the easiest activities to get into, as it doesn’t require any specialized equipment: shoes, a shirt, pants, and a backpack – probably all things you already have. However, those who want to enjoy walks in the woods more than a few times per year should probably invest in more technical clothing … Read more